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ACDC Winding For
Excellent Turnaround Time,
Superior Expertise & Quality Products

Our Business Philosophy

ACDC WINDING – Specialist Armature Winders


  • High Level Of Technical Expertise
  • Excellent Quality Products
  • Excellent Pricing Structures


ACDC is a proudly Level 2 BEE

Our Competitive Advantage

We have 52 years of Industry Knowledge.  ACDC Winding has six delivery vehicles, monitored live to ensure quick response times, to our customers.


We are proudly BEE Level 2, SABS Certified, ISO Certified.  We offer consistently efficient turnaround time, a superior level of expertise, quality products and excellent pricing structures.


You can count on us for support.  We work throughout the year, with no shutdown at year-end.

We Provide Professional Services

We pride ourselves in offering Efficient Turnaround time, superior Level of Expertise, Quality Products and Excellent Pricing Structures.

Available Year Round

ACDC runs through the entire year which means, no shutdown at year-end during traditional factory shutdown period.

Professional Delivery Services

We have six delivery vehicles which are monitored live, to ensure quick response times to our customers.

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